Mobile Paint Drying Rack

Mobile Paint Drying Rack by Copernicus Educational

I received the Mobile Paint Drying Rack from Copernicus. It is a great investment and is fantastic especially for teachers who have mobile classrooms, who share supplies, or who just rearrange your classrooms. 

About the Mobile Drying Rack

It is 3 feet by 2 feet and has 15 shelves, but can be used to hold up to 30 pieces of paper (depending on the size of the paper). The wheels have a locking mechanism so you don’t have to worry about students rolling it from one side of the classroom to the other or even running it into each other. We have used it for a paint drying rack and also for art projects that need time to dry. My students love it and are proud to be the only class with the drying rack.

Ideas for Using the Mobile Drying Rack

When we initially received the box, my class brainstormed what they thought was in the box.They loved the idea that they were getting a present. When they opened the box, they were excited with the color, since red was a favorite color of most of my students. When they discovered what the rack was, we brainstormed rules to make sure that it was taken care of, since they didn’t want it to break. One of the rules that we added was do not lean on the rack. We did notice that when we leaned on it, the rack would bend a little and my students reminded each other not to lean on it. My latest class has been doing the same thing.

If you are using the drying rack for things other than just paint, put a piece of cardboard or something sturdy on the shelves that you are using to make sure that papers don’t fall out or get bunched together. Kindergarten students are good at using too much glue when pasting things together. It is a fantastic space for drying work to avoid it sticking together.

My coworkers love the mobile drying rack from Copernicus and want it for their own classrooms. I have had to make sure it was labeled at the end of the school year to make sure it got back to the correct classroom. The only problem that I have with the Mobile Drying Rack is figuring out where I want it to sit in the classroom and reminding students to take home their work. It has helped keep our cubbies and books from getting paint all over them.

Sherri Hanisco, Hitchcock Independent School District, Texas

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