Midwest Folding

Children learn best in an environment that is clean, safe, comfortable and uncluttered. So when it comes to teaching, starting with the right school furniture is important whether you are in the classroom, cafeteria or coir practice. Give your students the right tools – comfortable, durable and affordable school furniture from Midwest Folding.

About Midwest Folding

Since 1947, Midwest Folding Products (Chicago, IL) has manufactured school furniture (choral risers, mobile stages, cafeteria tables and other tables) designed to perform trouble-free for years, even within the most demanding high-use environments. Due to the durability and quality craftsmanship of their school furniture, Midwest Folding delivers the one of the best values in the educational industry.

Popular School Furniture by Midwest Folding

  • School Tables – Midwest Folding manufactures a popular line of cafeteria tables, as well as training tables, conference and utility tables.
  • Mobile Stages – These seated Mobile Stages for the choral, band or orchestra department can be assembled into a horseshoe, winged or arc configuration. Customize your stage by choosing from a variety of sizes, deck finishes, carpet colors and skirting colors. To prevent accidental falls, always bee sure to include safety guard rails and step units when you order stages and risers..
  • Choral Risers - Choral risers are another specialty by Midwest Folding. They can assembled into either an arc or straight arrangement. The most popular , the Transfold Choral Riser, is ready to go wherever your choir performs. Most Midwest Choral Risers include:
    • A safe, controlled motion prevents injuries when you fold the unit for transportation and storage
    • Wheels, so it’s easy to roll your choral risers from the classroom or storage area to the auditorium, or anywhere they need to go.
    • With an exclusive, gas-spring assisted design, so you don’t strain yourself when opening and setting up your choral risers. Even better, the Transfold Choral Risers can be set up in seconds – so they are ready when you are!

Tips for Ordering Midwest Folding Products

  • Check the return policy – Many items manufactured by Midwest Folding is built to spec, meaning it is customized. Be sure you understand the return policy, especially for custom merchandise.
  • Order in advance – Custom merchandise can take longer to deliver (several weeks) because it is built after you order. To ensure you have your order in time, plan ahead, and always check the turnaround time on your order.
  • Determine options and extras - Midwest Folding’s school furniture have plenty of options. Before placing your order, carefully consider what sizes, colors, options and extras you need.
  • Put safety first - Stages and risers have optional guardrails that should be included with your order, to prevent accidental falls. Midwest Folding also offers a variety of dollies to make moving your school furniture easy and injury-free.
  • Consider delivery issues - Midwest Folding products are typically heavy, and delivered on a fright truck. Depending the type of school furniture you order, you may need a lift gate and several movers to move them from the dock to your cafeteria, auditorium or classroom.

Midwest Folding Warranty

Most of Midwest Folding Products’ portable stages, risers and cafeteria tables are backed by a 10-year warranty.