Wall Mount Art Drying Rack

Copernicus Wall Mount Drying Rack

About the Wall Mount Art Drying Rack by Copernicus Educational


$95.40 USD

Dry art projects when you're short on space

The versatile Wall Mount Art Drying Rack is perfect for drying, storing and organizing the masterpieces of the budding Monet, Picasso or Van Gogh in your classroom, especially if you are short on counter or floor space. It holds up to (20) painting, murals, mosaics and other art projects with enough space between each shelf so that your artwork can dry flat without being compromised. The Art Drying Rack includes (2)  handy hooks that hold the folding shelves up for easy access. The Art Drying Rack is easy to assemble too. However, the shelves extend about 16 inches from the wall, so choose an out-of-the way area where it will not be accidentally bumped. For best results, secure the Wall Mount Art Drying Rack to a stud using the supplied screws. Made of durable, poly coated metal. 

  • Contains (2) hooks to hang shelves upright
  • (20) shelves to tuck art work away to dry
  • Frame: 20” x 16” x 33”
  • Frame: 1 year warranty
  • Ships in 5 - 10 business days via FedEx Ground
  • Ships from Buffalo, NY
  • Ships in (1) box
  • Shipping weight: 34 lbs.