Flexy Plastic Strands - 25 Pack

Aqua Flexy Plastic Strands for 3Doodler

About the Flexy Plastic Strands - 25 Pack by 3Doodler


$11.99 USD

Stretchable Plastic 3Doodler Strands

Create rubbery and bendable doodles using Flexy Plastic Strands. Available in (5) popular colors, 3Doodler Flexy Strands create 10" of squeezable, stretchable and twistable doodle for every inch of plastic. The strands also secure well to clothing, so you can doodle unique artwork and emblems onto your favorite threads. (25) pack of strands.
  • 3Doodler 2.0 & CREATE filament
  • 10" straight-cut strands
  • Colors: aqua, black, purple, silver or yellow
  • Creates flexible, rubbery, bendable items with stretchable properties
  • For best results, use your 3Doodler on high temperature setting
  • (25) strands per pack
  • 10" strands


  • Ships in 2 business days
  • Ships from Memphis, TN